Welcome to Blind Squirrel Outdoors. We are one of the newest outdoor entertainment and guide services in northern Wisconsin. We started filming and operating a fishing guide service as a way to show our passion for nature.  Also to let people learn more about fishing that would allow them to really appreciate the outdoors. Our ultimate goal is to provide our viewers with an entertaining and informative viewing experience. We intend on improving our shows by giving the viewer more information on fish and the sport of fishing. Also providing some more underwater views to show the fish in their  natural habitat to get a better understanding of why a fish does what it does. As for our guide services we intend on not just catching fish with our clients but trying to teach our clients to catch fish on their own as well. We would also appreciate any ideas or advice anyone could give us on what kind of content you would like to see in future videos. Visit the contacts page to find the best way to get in contact. Thank you for visiting our site and spread the word about us to your friends.